Looking Ahead

In view of the tremendous changes taking place in the global electronics industry, GulTech's management is now focusing on a major re-positioning of the Group. To enhance its competitiveness in the global market, GulTech aims to focus on its core competencies, expand its product range, broaden its customer base and reduce operating costs. The key elements of GulTech's repositioning strategy are:

Increase competitiveness with more PCB production in China.

Gultech (Suzhou) has expanded its plant capacity to 6 million sq ft capacity per year.
Gultech (Wuxi) has expanded its plant capacity to 9.6 million sq ft per year.
Gultech (Jiangsu) will expand its plant capacity from 3.6 million sq ft per year    to 14.4 million sq ft per year in 2020.

Forge ventures and strategic alliances with players in North America,   Europe and Japan

Continue to seek opportunities co-operation with the objective in enabling GulTech to rapidly expand the industrial sectors served, its product range and the global sales force required to market  them.